Hey there! My name is Andrew. Let me tell you a story.

It all started on the morning of July 31st when I was on Facebook scrolling by a friend's post and came across a beautiful woman who commented on that friend's status. She also happened to be a photographer, so I liked her photography page because I liked what I saw...the content and the photographer.


Hi! My name is Tasha! I'm THAT photographer. :-)

Fast forward five minutes later...guilty as charged, I friend requested Andrew first. Oops ;-). After talking for six days online, I agreed to meet him for coffee because I thought he was a going to be a great business contact. Little did I know that 110 days later... 


We would walk down the aisle together as husband and wife!

Since we were both photographers and had our own separate businesses, we couldn't be one another's competitors, so...

Business Union.jpg

We combined forces!

We each have over five years of experience individually, separately succeeding in specific types of photography, regions, and styles, so it just made sense for us to work together to become a husband & wife photography team!

Why Integrity Portraits?

We are unashamed followers of Jesus Christ and we have dedicated our lives and Integrity Portraits to the Lord to honor and glorify Him because He has blessed us beyond measure, so why not give back to Him! That's where integrity steps in. We looked at traits of those who live for the Lord according to His Word and noticed that integrity is one of those foundational character traits. Here's what we found:

by definition, Integrity is the obedience to a moral code of values that have honor, truth, and reliability. The word of god states, "With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand." [Psalm 78:72 ESV]

We strongly dislike pressure sales.

And because of that, just like Psalm 78:72 says, we desire to be your guides, walking you through every step of the photography process, regardless of the service you're looking for. As photographers who live our lives to the best of our ability with integrity, we commit to helping you through your photography process, regardless if you decide to work with us or not.

The photography business can be overwhelming at times, so allow us to guide you through your personal photography journey!



You heard our story, now join our FAMILY!



...we learned that special things are reserved for your family. When going on vacation, none of our friends went with us. At a dinner celebration to honor a relative, it was usually only family who were at the table.


We believe that family should always have special access to our best, but, we also know that “best” is often associated with “out of budget”. We want you to have that special access whether you are a blood relative or not! Those special things include: exclusive pricing, gifts, special events, and more!


YOU! If we have already worked with you, then you are in the FAMILY! If not, fill out the form below and you'll begin to see the emails soon! We will send you no more than four emails each month, so you don't have to worry that we're going to spam you like how your favorite grandparent shares everything on social media.


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